Discussion 07.1- Student t-Test

MA3010 – Statistics for Health Professions SU20 B – Section D01

Discussion 07.1- Student t-Test

For this discussion forum, refer to the Excel File Discussion 7-1 Data Set that contains information on the following:

Researchers conducted a study to determine whether magnets are effective in treating back pain. The results are shown in the table for the treatment
(with magnets) group and the sham
(or placebo) group. The results are a measure of reduction in back pain. Assume that the two samples are independent simple random samples selected from normally distributed
populations, and do not assume that the population standard deviations are equal.

1.Identify the worksheet (tab) that matches the first letter of your LAST name (i.e., if your last name were “Fudd” you would use the data from the “F” tab). This will be the source data you will use to answer your remaining questions for this initial post.
2.What is the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis?
3.Identify the test statistic and p-value from your source data.
4.Would you reject or fail to reject your null hypothesis? Explain how you came to this conclusion (i.e. either use the test-statistic or p-value to support your claim).
5.Would there be sufficient evidence (based upon your source data) to support the claim that those treated with magnets have a greater mean reduction in pain than those given a sham treatment? Explain.

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