Disaster response and recovery

The terrorists attacks are most of the time unpredicted and a country even its utmost security may become vulnerable to terrorists attack. It’s as international problem which now and then is occurring in different parts of the world. The terrorist attacks such as 9/11 terrorists attack, Mumbai, India , Hotel Taj and Hotel Oberai terrorists attack, London terrorists bombing are few examples of this centuries terror attacks around the world. Terrorism is considered to be asymmetric form of warfare and is unlawful.
It targets only on destruction and harm innocent people who are important resource of the nation. If I was the disaster coordinator of the city, as soon as I get the clues of the terror attacks I would have just tightened the security near the border of the country and call for emergency. I would cancel all the flights entering and leaving the country. The next thing which I would have done is publishing the news in the media and the media would alert the people as they can take care of themselves. The media would alert people about the places of vulnerability and the suspected time of attacks.
Incident command system will be notified to prepare well for the attacks. These are the immediate steps which I would have taken. Later I would have looked into the list of vulnerable areas which is populated more. Most of the terror attacks happen in the places where there is maximum human intervention so as to kill many people as possible and take revenge against the country. I would provide accessibility to shortcut routes so as to reduce the vehicle traffic congestion and avoid people pass through the vulnerable areas of attacks.

They will be made to reach their destinations as soon as possible before the disaster occurs. The transport of goods will be stopped as it will be the path for the terrorists to move their goods from place to place. All social gathering of people will of people will be stopped. All the offices and the schools and colleges will be declared holiday. People in the top floors of the building are evacuated. All the people who found to be suspicious are checked for their identity, country they belong, ethnicity and their back ground.
Security would be ensured near the coastal areas and security checking all the ships coming in and leaving and the checking all the goods that are transported. The oil refineries, electricity power stations and nuclear power plants are given security alerts. These when bombed or destroyed cause huge loss and may result the city as the one which had happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The city’s important monuments are safeguarded with tight security. It was daytime when Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombed. People were preparing for offices and work. All the electrical appliances were on.
It was a busy day in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and finally bombings rendered many places infertile and many people got health problems as they got expose to the harmful radiations of the bombing. I would ask people stop using electricity and switch off their appliances. Important people are provided with security as the terrorist may use them as hostages. I would ask media to act effectively and update people with the information of attacks and about the places which are vulnerable. I will ask them to avoid giving false information to make their news more interesting.
I would make telephony and internet facilities such and intranet and ad other web based tools available for free at the moment to keep people in touch with their loved ones who are out station by calling or messaging them. Internet is one of the most reliable ways of communication in the times of disaster to mail their loved one and finding people who are missing. People will be asked to follow the instructions given by the Emergency team and Incident command system. The Red Cross people are advised to assemble the emergency kits.
I would alert all the hospitals and mental health care concerns to prepare for the disaster to help people who become victims of the attacks. Health care units are informed to provide the medical facilities such as first aid, medicine and other voluntary organizations are encouraged to provide support. Rehabilitation centers are created and so the people can seek shelter. The targets of the terrorists and the potential vulnerable areas influence and affect the city’s emergency plan. It makes emergency planning team think of most vulnerable areas first.
They will set priority of the vulnerable places as primary and secondary. It will make their work easier and provide full security to the places of primary concern. The Incident command system may sometimes do not operate efficiently. I think it has review the ways it operates and add most efficient ways to their current system of operation. It should plan efficiently such that their plans are turned into actions and will not remain just words. It should have better communication between its organizational parts. Its commands should be strictly followed by its organizational parts.
The plan should be made on time and it should not be executed after the incident but on time. It should communicate with the people effectively and just not make people get afraid by telling consequences of the attack. But they should make feel safe and avoid false promises. The medical and health care units should be dedicated in their work and provide selfless service. There should be no discrimination on the basis race, age, ethnicity, sex and all people should be treated equally. All they can do is to They target terrorism, curb it, defeat it and make their country a peaceful place to live in.

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