Direct Instruction: Dynamics of high school teaching

It is very important to create and foster a positive atmosphere in learning. In order to do this the teacher is required to use various strategies geared towards motivating students, fostering good behaviors and learning to students and also motivate students. By creating a positive climate for learning, a teacher also makes the students develop their self-esteem and promote self responsibility to the students. By creating a positive climate for learning, the teacher makes the students to even develop more interest in the subject.
A positive climate for leaning can be created by encouraging inclusive learning whereby students are given chance to give their views, there is no discrimination or stereotyping in the classroom regarding the capability of the students and also a classroom environment where there is more interaction between the teacher and the students and also among students (State university, 2010). Creating and implementation of a positive climate for learning involves careful planning at the beginning of the teaching programme.
The learning environment should take consideration both the cognitive space and physical space. Physical space is managed by the teacher making sure that the classroom is warm and inviting, the classroom arrangement should match with the philosophy that teacher has in his or her learning. The cognitive space involves the creation of motivational climate. The teacher should establish and implement classroom management practice that creates an environment that is engaging for students in the classroom.

This can be done by creating a motivational climate and setting expectations. Expectations are set in regard to students behavior. This is expressed by how interactions are made with peers and with the teacher (A partnership of the laboratory for student success and the institute for educational leadership, 2007). Motivational climate involves the development a climate whereby the teacher encourages students to do their best and help them be excited and have more interest about what they are learning. (Kerstges, 22/8/1999).
Failure to do the above makes there to be a negative classroom climate like the one I expressed with my chemistry teacher who had the feeling that female students were incapable of performing in sciences subject. In teaching, the teacher ignored the concerns of the female students. He would always discourage the female students that he was not so much concerned about there performance because they are underachievers in sciences. There were times when he would not even mark their books when he gave assignments.