Digital Transformations

Digital Transformations

Summary on Current Business Status
• What are the business challenges you are trying to solve thru Digital Transformation ?
• Your Digital Transformation Assessment results and areas of focus
• Design Roadmap with Milestones to follow for applying Digital Transformation in your company
• 5 Digital Transformation Use Cases (Digital Transformation Technologies) for your selected organization
• Highlight how each use case will any of the following:
• Customer Experience
• Processes and Operations
• Business Model
• 3 Challenges that may face during the implementation and how you will address them as leader
• What is the Success Criteria and How you measure the Success of your implementation ? For example list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you will use

Ministry of Health (Health Industry)
• Kuwait Transportation (Transportation Industry)
• Ministry of Education (Education)
• Ministry of Information (Media)
• ZAIN (Telecom)
• Agility (Logistics)
• Alshaya (Retail)
• Kuwait Petroleum Company – Any of its affiliates (Oil and Gas)
• Kuwait Tourism Projects (Tourism)
• Avenues Mall and Shops (Retail)
• Kuwait Airways (Aviation)

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