Digi Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis Company Profile Analysis DIGI is the first telecommunication to operate and launch a full digital cellular network in Malaysia on 24 May 1995. Besides, DIGI were also become the first to offer GPRS (2. 5G) and later EDGE (2. 75G) in 14 May 2004 in Malaysia. DIGI is a mobile communication services provider in Malaysia. DIGI has provided service to individuals, businesses and other operators which owned subsidiary, DIGI Telecommunication SDN BHD. There are two packages option offers by DIGI to mobile subscribers is prepaid plan and postpaid voice plan.
DIGI has provided variety mobile communication service including SMS, mobile broadband and international roaming and calling and WAP services. According to DIGI the first quarter of 2012 of Non-Audited financial statement, their total net operating revenues increase from RM 1,443,428 thousands to RM 1,575,055 thousands, which increases with 9. 12%. DIGI has approximately RM 4. 9 billion with a subscriber base 0f 7. 7 million. Since year 2005, DIGI has returned in excess of RM6. 8 billion in cash to their entire shareholder, it shows a result that DIGI has a strong capital discipline.
Moreover, year 2007, DIGI continues perform well which they improve on their commercial focus and it results their annual revenue growth in excess of 5% between year 2007 and 2010. Product Analysis DIGI is simple to pronounce and spell, which it makes people easy to recall. DIGI has distinguishes itself from the mobile services industry by its distinctive brand name. DIGI are using yellow, white and black color to packaging its own product. The combination of this color can connect or develop target audience of the generation who are vibrant, fresh and ambitious.

DIGI is a Telecommunication company, so it has provided different type of mobile and internet services. All these services are including SMS, data plans, prepaid and postpaid voice plans, international roaming and calling and WAP services. For their prepaid voice plan, DIGI latest prepaid voice plan is called DIGI Easy Prepaid. This package is very effective today, this is because it can enable DIGI user to enjoy 24 hour free calls, SMS and free log into Facebook (zero Facebook). DIGI user can interact with their 3 DIGI Buddyz by free calling or free SMS in 24 hour. There are 80% of mobile subscribers in Malaysia are prepaid users, so DIGI s leading this prepaid market by enhance the value in this segment by increase customer needs and richer mobile features that can made DIGI users can truly appreciate. Besides, DIGI also reward their prepaid user by 10 free SMS when customer reloads as little as RM10. Besides, DIGI also provide postpaid plan to DIGI customers. The package that offers by DIGI is DIGI Smart Plan. This package enable customer to enjoy the unlimited internet access services. By the same token, DIGI also offers the Iphone, Samsung and tablet plan to their customers. Now, DIGI has also offers free Nano sim card to the new DIGI users.
Moreover, DIGI also launch their Turbo 3G service on year 2009. The DIGI Turbo 3G is located at most urban and populated area in Malaysia. This 3G service is available for prepaid and postpaid voice plan and also for the broadband. IMC Objective Strengthen Image The objective of DIGI is to develop and strengthen the images of their brand towards the youth and business markets. There is fierce competition on the telecommunication market nowadays. With strong images the company is able to have strong awareness in the mind of consumers and can distinguish themselves over competitors.
Higher recognition of the brand through good images could provide loyalty of customers toward the DIGI. For the year 2011, DIGI has invest RM9 million to create their brand advertising campaign and positioning DIGI is an contemporary, innovative, lifestyle centric and quality services that would satisfy their customer’s needs. DIGI is tending to offers the better quality of product and services to increase the customers’ mobility. Through the advertising, DIGI evolves with time to interact with customers and it show DIGI is understand the lifestyle need of DIGI customer. Increase Sales
There are another important objective for DIGI to achieve is the sales and revenues. This is because only revenue or profit allows a company to operate its business well. To achieve this goal, DIGI is keep improving their coverage network and quality services. Besides, DIGI also develop a customer service which with quality and efficient. DIGI product and services is user friendly and it is highly personalized. Through the advertising, DIGI is telling the customer they are improving their coverage and services, it will build trust and confident of customer toward DIGI. So, it will help DIGI to increase sales and revenue.

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