Diagnostic assignment

Diagnostic assignment

READ the article and WATCH the video, ANSWER both sets of five questions below and answer them in 3 or more sentences each.

Dunning-Kruger Article Questions:

1. What is the Dunning-Kruger effect and how does it work?

2. Couldn’t this problem happen to anyone? How could you avoid it happening to you?

3. Do you need to know something about Game of Thrones? In other words, are you required to know everything? Or what areas of knowledge should a person have an understanding of?

4. What are some examples of this effect that you have encountered?

5. What is the author discussing in the last paragraph when discussing media filters?

Diagnostic Questions for “Anti-Social Media:”

1. Harris is discussing how Facebook’s approach to emphasizing posts works. How does it work?

2. What are the effects on users of the way Facebook filters and prioritizes information?

3.How are the effects on politics different in the US and in other countries?

4. What do you think about Mr. Harris’s comment that we have Paleolithic “meatsuits” (meaning body/minds) and god-like technology?

5. What does the video say about “hyper-normal stimuli” and how does this affect people’s personal inactions with other human beings?