Developing an Incentive Plan

USE TEXT: Valentine, S., Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H., & Meglich, P. A. (2017). Human resource management. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. !!!!

Review section 12-3 (Work Unit/Team Incentives). Next, consider the HR Competencies & Applications “Getting Free Riders Off the Train” in the textbook. (You can search for page 460 in the electronic book and it should take you right to it.) Consider these questions from the end of the example:

Consider a time when you worked on a class project or a project at work and some members of the team didn’t pull their weight. How did you deal with it? What were the results?
What can work group leaders do to identify and deal with free riders on a work team?

Write an APA-style paper that addresses these questions. Your paper should be framed as a formal paper, not a Q&A, so you should write it without listing or referring to the question from the assignment. (It should look like a research article about the subject matter, not a response to a class exercise.)
Use in-text citations to show where you are applying or discussing content from your textbook or other course materials. In addition, use content from at least one external scholarly source, and be sure to cite where you are applying or discussing content from these sources as well. End your paper with a References list that gives the full details about the sources. In-text citations and References should be formatted according to APA standards. INCLUDE TEXT ABOVE
Essays will use the following Grading Rubric:

40% Comprehension and Analysis: Critical thinking, innovative and original perspective, and appropriate analysis and recommendations (where applicable).
30% Application of Content: Synthesizes and analyzes course content and independent research, and applies both appropriately in the paper. 
20% Quality of Writing: Articulation of ideas, using correct grammar and spelling, with effective structure and format to the paper.
10% C

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Benchmark assignment – Summary Memo

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