Developing an Ethical Culture

For this assignment, you will take on the role of a mid-level organizational manager.  In your current job role, you have noticed that the organizational culture is contributing to some unethical decision making by subordinates and peers. You feel strongly that leadership must be not only made aware of the situation but also given appropriate solutions. To communicate with the CEO and shareholders, you must create a memo.  In the memo, you will explain the issues, as well as offer appropriate solutions.  For help in the format and writing style of a memo use  Good example of a persuasive memo.  
In your memo include:

Header: with To, From, Date, and Subject
Introductory paragraph
One to two paragraphs outlining the issues.
Three to six paragraphs describing solutions
A closing paragraph that summarizes the information.

In the memo:

Describe the issues of the current ethical culture
Describe which stakeholders are affected by the issues, such as employees, shareholders, local community, society, etc.
Formulate a plan to change the ethical culture
Convince the CEO and shareholders of the importance of the changes

Memos are a business style of writing rather than academic. You do not need to use in-text citations in the memo. However, your work should be paraphrased rather than quoted. You must include a reference page to demonstrate the use of any resources.

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