Develop a report on your leadership reflections in this subject, including a self-analysis and a leadership development plan.

Develop a report on your leadership reflections in this subject, including a self-analysis and a leadership development plan.

  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of leadership theories, concepts and practice, including both traditional and contemporary forms of leadership (LO#1).
  • Critically evaluate various modes of leadership with consideration of ethical and socially responsible practice (LO#2).
  • Effectively communicate and apply relevant leadership practices to address the various needs of stakeholders (LO#3).
  • Develop a critically reflective leadership model for your own development (LO#4).


The purpose of this assessment is to conduct an analysis of learning in the subject in the construction of a Leadership Development Plan. There are two parts to this assessment. Part A requires you to outline and discuss self-awareness insights about yourself as a leader that you have gained over the duration of the course. Part B builds on your self-analysis and should be viewed as a blueprint that assists you to advance your own self-development throughout your MBA and beyond./

Building upon the insights about your leadership strengths and weaknesses identified in Part A, you are to develop a leadership plan that considers your leadership development, including your future leadership visions and aspirations. The Leadership Development Plan should be an action plan that considers the reality of your work and social life, as well as personal predispositions and leadership style. These aspects are likely to support and/or obstruct your attempts, and you will need to show understanding of these influences in how you will approach your leadership development plan.

Your Leadership Development Plan should include:

  • My vision [why].
    • What personal vision guides my life that I can leverage to provide the direction to chart a course and make choices?
  • Personal leadership goal(s) [what].
    • What can I do, better or differently, that would improve my leadership competencies to deliver the greatest value to my organisation’s strategic directions?
  • Detailed action plan [how].
    • This section should breakdown the personal leadership goal(s) into actions you will take to achieve your goal(s). We recommend the following approach: (1) state the desired behaviour, (2) articulate the strategy, (3) acknowledge any potential barrier(s) and possible resolution(s), (4) identify your own strengths that you can leverage to achieve your goal(s).
  • Accountability.
    • When will I take the actions to achieve my goal(s)?
    • How will I evaluate my progress?
    • How will I draw on the feedback of my peers?
  • Acknowledgement.
    • How will I measure whether I’ve achieved my goal(s)?
    • What might be the personal impact of meeting my goal(s)?

To attract a high grade, the assessment needs to be well written and researched, analytical, critical of theories and concepts (where appropriate) and demonstrate linkages between leadership theories and models and its application to the real-world.