Determinants of health: Socioeconomic status

Research indicates that SES is a key factor in determining the quality of life for women; by extension, it strongly influences the lives of children and families. Inequities in wealth and quality of life for women are long-standing and exist both locally and globally. Determinants of health: Socioeconomic status with Anxiety in women. Our results suggest that anxiety disorders aggravate already existing gender differences in economic conditions, and that women with anxiety need additional support to attain socioeconomic security similar to that of men.

Epidemiology is also used to search for determinants, which are the causes and other factors that influence the occurrence of disease and other health-related events. Epidemiologists assume that illness does not occur randomly in a population, but happens only when the right accumulation of risk factors or determinants exists in an individual. To search for these determinants, epidemiologists use analytic epidemiology or epidemiologic studies to provide the “Why” and “How” of such events. They assess whether groups with different rates of disease differ in their demographic characteristics, genetic or immunologic make-up, behaviors, environmental exposures, or other so-called potential risk factors.

Determinants of health: Socioeconomic status with Anxiety in women

The name of my topic or Determinants of health is( Socioeconomic status with Anxiety in women) That is my project assignment . The writer has to write one page paper regarding knowledge about the topic/project justify the project in personal and scientific terms ,present what you know about the topic .For references peer review original paper two to three references and annotated bibliography. Five multiple questions original critical thinking questions and five answers A,B,C,D,E, and Letter (A ) answers is always going to be the correct answer and the rest of them will be wrong. Can you please for the multiple choice questions if you can use the two books on the and epidemiology first chapters and the third points on determents like I said the questions can not be definition they have to be critical thinking ? original question ,something you have to create them.

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