Detecting Fake health News

Detecting Fake health News

Fake news websites are purposefully designed to appear like real news. However, they lack the expected standards of a real news source. The information presented in the fake news article usually attracts readers and is based on “hot topics” like vaccination injury. It is important to know that the information presented is completely false. Fake news can spread rapidly when shared in social media and can have significant negative consequences. Nurses engage in social media and it has become a part of our daily routine and lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential that nurses are able to identify fake news and only share accurate and real information. Fake news travels fast in the social media and nurses need to prepare themselves to address patient concerns that may arise due to false information presented in social media. One would ask why such news is created. It is important to know that the primary purpose of these sites is to attract as many visitors as possible to maximize revenue from selling advertisement space.


Methods for Detecting Fake News:

 Please read the following articles and watch the video:


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Based on your readings, search for a fake news article related to a particular health topic that may have a negative impact on nursing practice (Published within the last 5 years). Develop a power-point presentation demonstrating the process of how you detected that the article is fake and its impact on the general public and nursing. Organize your PowerPoint presentation using the following slide headings.

Title of the Article & Authors.

Fake News Content: (What content did the article present?)

Method of Detection (Based on assigned readings, how did you detect that is it fake?)

Potential Impact on General Public and Relevance.

Potential Impact on Nursing Practice and Relevance.