Designing a Decision-Making Model

When designing a model with a diagrammatic depiction, the designer first considers a process, theory, idea, concept, factors, or combinations of these. In this case, read the course readings for this unit. Consider the multiple types and options of decision-making tools described in the readings.
Similar to the Rahmen and de Feis (2009) examples, reflect on a publicized decision from the past two years made by Netflix.  This can be any decision, major or minor, but must have enough information published that you can make an informed critique of the decision made. (For example, Ford’s 2018 decision to stop building cars, and to focus on SUVs.)
For this draft of the paper, review the decision-making tools described in Rahmen and de Feis (2009), Zakeri et al. (2018), and Cabrerizo et al. (2018). Based on the literature’s descriptions of the types of decision making involved, and the tools and processes suggested for use, do the following:

Describe the decision made by Netflix and cite the publicized information about the decision. (These do not have to be scholarly sources, but should be from the past 2 years.)
Pick any two decision-making tools from the readings in this unit, explain how they are typically used, and make a case for why these tools would be best for making the decision described in part A.
Explain how you could combine those two tools or processes into a better tool or process, which would increase the likelihood of a solid, reasoned, and informed decision. You can eliminate pieces of either tool to fit them together, creating your own unique tool or process.
Create a diagram or flowchart depicting the resulting new process or tool.
Include a list of all references used. Use at least 4: the three required readings, and one supporting your information about your selected business’s decision.

Use APA 6th edition and submit a paper free from errors and of high academic quality. Number your diagram as a Figure, as per APA.
You will work on this in the discussions as well.

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