Debate Analysis

Your reaction paper should be a minimum of 500-words long and should cover:
1. The main points that were presented by each team
2. Your critical assessment of the arguments available. In this case, I am not looking for your subjective opinion or how you “feel” about the debate.  I am interested in your assessment of the logic used in the debate and the evidence presented. 
3. Your opinion (based on #2) as to which team won the debate.  
Be sure to include references and citations for any source that you use in writing your paper, including your textbooks, but remember that you do not have to use sources outside what is presented in the debate if you do not want to.   Additional 
points will be deducted if you fail to follow any of the instructions.  

The debate question was: Are personality tests appropriate selection tools?

Notes on the debate:

Team Pro using personality tests as a selection tool.

· Use of the big 5.
· Needed to determine who’s a good fit for the team as one bad member could ruin the team performance.
· A lot of companies use it.
· The Big 5 helps figure out 75% of the personality.
· Different traits are needed for different professions and this test help determine those treats swiftly.
· People usually lie about themselves and exaggerate their CV. You can’t do that doing the test.
· It shrinks candidate pool.
· It’s worth the money in the long run.
· Helps you get the perfect employee. ( Imagine missing a jigsaw piece and this helps find it ) 
· It saves times from and money from having to fire someone later for discovering something about them later while you could have done that using a personality test.

Team Con using a personality test as a selection tool.

· Easy to fabricate because big 5 are well known.
· Unethical and a person could pursue legal action if declined based on his personality test result.
· Irrelevant for jobs that are from afar.
· People are subjected to change in their personality on a daily basis so the test result could be different if taken at a different time proving it’s not accurate. 
· It messes with having diversity in the work place.
· Overshadows job skills.
· Violates medical records.
· No correlation with job performance based on research.
· Can be manipulated with on purpose or not.
· A form of labeling therefor it kills individuality 

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