Day of triffids

Day of triffids BY can-Dy The Day Of The Triffids – Chapter 1-6 Chapter 1: the end begins William “Bill” Masen wakes up in a hospital with his eyes bandaged. He recalls the events of the night before when the earth passed through comet debris causing green flashes of light. He removes the bandages and leaves to find that the green flashes have rendered everyone blind and that he may be the only one who is still sighted. Chapter 2: The Coming Of The Triffids Bill discusses his personal history and the origin of the triffids.
He explains how the triffids originated and how they spread across the world. He describes what a triffid ooks like and how it acts when it walks. He also tells of how he was stung by a triffid as a child which led him to his study of triffids. Chapter 3: The Grouping City Bill goes on the street and encounter a blind man, and then he see a young blind man with a child and a blind woman trying to get some food from a store. He see a group of blind people is control by a sighted man, and he tries to stop the sighted man from being rude to the blind women, but he is knocked out.
He wants to find out what has been happening. Chapter 4: Shadows Before Bill is wandering the streets when he hears a scream and finds a sighted young oman being beaten by a blind man. He rescues her and she reveals her name as Josella Playton who had missed the comet through a wild party. They drive to Josella’s home but find that her family has all been killed by triffids. Chapter 5: A Light In The Night Bill and Josella drive toward Clerkenwell and try to find some weapons that will help them defend themselves from the triffids.

While driving, their car was beseiged and they barely escape with their lives. They eventually find themselves some gear and clothes. As day falls into night, they decide to spend the night in a tower block and uring the night they see a bright light and decide to investigate it in the morning. Chapter 6: Rendezvous Bill and Josella arrive at the University of London, where they believe that the bright light had originated the night before.
There they observe a sighted man, leading a mob of blind people, argue with the sighted on the other side of the gate. But through machine gun fire, they are sent away. Bill learns that the inhabitants of the university can see and that they plan to leave London soon. Deciding to help B Josella go out to gather food. Characters William “Bill” Masen A triffid biologist from south London and the novel’s protagonist. He is one of the only ones not to lose his sight as a result of the green flashes of light.
Josella Playton A young woman whom Bill rescues and falls in love with. She is about 24 at the beginning of the story. She came from a well-off family and was infamous for writing a notorious sexual book. Vocab Peevish irritated Aggrieved troubled; disturbed Triffid a large plant with a poisonous sting that is able to move; farmed as the produce a useful oil Abruptly unexpectedly sudden Mimicking to copy or imitate closely, especially in speech, expression, and gesture

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