Database Systems with Professional Certification

A case study in design of a database systems using oracle system?

(1) An Entity-Relationship model, including attribute list. You will have to make judgements as to what level of detail is appropriate.                                                                                       

(2) Normalise (to third normal form) the Course-Details form and the Customer Booking form separately. Show all the steps clearly. Now consolidate the entities by eliminating redundancies and then produce a final list of entities.

(3) Implement and submit adequate documentation for the following:

(a) Create and populate just those database tables which correspond to the                 normalised entities found in part (2). Submit Oracle scripts for each table,                                        showing its description and its contents.

(b) Implement the following functionalities:

                   F1 – create a new customer and enrol him on a course

                   F2 – create a family of four and enrol them all on the same course

                   F3 – ability to change course information

                   F4 – ability to remove retiring staff from the system

(c) Develop the following queries:

                   Q1 – for a particular course, a list of all students currently enrolled,                                               followed by a count of these students.

                   Q2 – for a member of staff, list his schedule.

                   Q3 – for a particular customer, show his booking details.

(d) Develop two additional queries (Q4 and Q5) which you judge will be useful in this context. Give a clear textual description of what each of your two queries is supposed to show. Use your judgement as to what information the queries should contain and how they should be formatted.                  

(4) Write a business report for Susan Holder which includes:

  • An explanation of your system;
  • The direct benefits to Susan of your database;
  • Future possible enhancements to the database system, with timescales;
  • Your recommendations on how her business can make effective use of management information.

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