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database SQL

database SQL.  five pages to answer this 3 questions

1. Chapter 9 noted that CASE tools provide database administrators with a 
cost and time effective way of developing databases. Write a paper that 
compares some CASE technology vendors. Compare and contrast at 
least three examples of CASE products. In addition, discuss the 
advantages and disadvantages of using CASE tools to build a database. 

2. Using library resources or the Internet, identify a database management 
system that processes database transactions. Briefly describe what 
happens to the application when deadlocking occurs. Explain some of the 
adverse effects of deadlocking, and conclude by listing recommended 
actions that can be taken to avoid deadlocking on this application. 

3. SQL Server is Microsoft’s popular database engine that uses the Structured Query  Language (SQL) to accept requests for data access. Learn about SQL Server’s  backup strategies. Mention the types of data corruption that might occur in an  environment using SQL Server. Discuss some database backup requirements that a database administrator should consider when devising a backup strategy for her organization’s DBMS. Describe the different types of backup techniques 
supported by SQL Server. Conclude by explaining why it is essential to have a 
solid backup strategy as part of an organization’s efforts to maintain database 
transaction integrity 

database SQL

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