Customer Satisfaction and Product Guarantee Plan

Customer Satisfaction and Product Guarantee Plan.
Part of advertising is also about the appeal and brand promise of a certain image. Knowing what messages match the market is critical in the ad campaign. Check out a magazine that you would not usually buy or read. Find 1 ad in the magazine, and evaluate the following:

What is the ad’s overall promotional message?
Is there a brand promise? Do you believe the promise?
Who do you think the ad is targeting?
Why would a customer buy this product?
Where would the customer use the product?
How does the advertisement appeal to the customer’s image of him- or herself?
Would you buy the product or suggest it to your friends and family?
Explain how the advertising copy appeals to the reader. Where is the call to action to buy?
Do the visual or graphic images correspond to the copy? Why did it capture your attention?
Include any other information that helps with the analysis.

Your evaluation should be at least 800 words. Add a copy of or a link to the advertisement.

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