Customer Outreach Representative

As assigned as a bilingual representative, handle Spanish line calls and related activities. Essential Functions Actively participate in the retention and attainment of servicing account vole me through the consistent delivery’ of excellent internal and external customer service. 2. Communicate with student loan borrowers/ endorsers using the Borrower Services call model, department policies and procedures, and online tools. Identify the reason(s) t he borrower is having or may have difficulty maintaining their student loan account in good standing g.
Present solutions hat are suited to the borrower’s situation, with an emphasis on long term sol suctions. 3. Effectively counsel borrowers/ endorsers. Share critical information regarding their rights and responsibilities, the benefits of maintaining their account in good standing, an d the consequences of default. 4. Verify and obtain new demographic information during contacts with borrow errs and others. 5. Secure the information and documentation necessary to qualify borrowers of r payment plans, deferments, and forbearance’s. 6. Keep up to date with department policies and procedures. 7.
Assist in the investigation of difficult and problem accounts. Follow and/ or take the appropriate action to resolve the concern. 8. Initiate feedback to Borrower Services Supervisor(s) with ideas to improve pro ceases. 9. Document communication and borrower commitments. 10. Contribute to a positive work environment. 11. Perform additional tasks related to the resolution and maintenance of deadline .NET student loan accounts. Borrower Borrower Seer vicesCustomer Outreach Representative. Doc (09/06/2013) Physical Demands of Position High frequency talking, hearing, near vision, keyboard entry and sitting.

Environmental/Working Conditions of Position Inside office or work from home environment Equipment Used Various computer, printing, and telecommunications equipment such as telex hone, headset, computer, copiers, and printers along with other workstation tools.

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