Current research in neurobiology

Current research in neurobiology

choose a paper
(article) from a peer-reviewed original journal and create a poster presenting the
research conducted in the paper. Why a peer-reviewed journal? Peer review is our
trusted and reliable way to present data and studies conducted in laboratories all over
the world. The peer-review process means that the primary investigators/ authors of the
research have the write-up of their study (aka the manuscript of the paper) sent out to
other scientists in the field (their peers) for a critical review. The job of these peers is to
carefully comb through the research conducted, the way it was conducted, whether it
makes sense or whether the methodologies/conclusions are flawed. Ultimately these
peer scientists (aka “the reviewers”) email the editor of the journal with their
recommendation either for or against publishing the study they have just reviewed. This
process ensures that there is less of a chance for flawed data/conclusions/overall
studies to make it out to the scientific and ultimately general readers.

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