Current M4D1 352

Johnson’s Dilemma

This discussion addresses the following outcome:
Analyze and rank the domestic, personal, and diplomatic factors influencing Lyndon Johnson’s decision-making on Vietnam from 1963-1965 (CO#1).
Lyndon Johnson inherited an uncertain foreign policy concerning Vietnam. However, where Kennedy’s policy decisions were a “middle way” that did inch the US toward war, Johnson’s thrusted the US inalterably toward a full-fledged war in Southeast Asia. Though the American people were largely unaware of much of what was going on with regard to Vietnam during the first two years of Johnson’s presidency, they would later learn of a pattern of subterfuge and deception on the path toward war. Historians would also uncover the various factors that were influencing the decisions of Johnson during this period.
In this discussion forum, we will consider the various factors that affected Johnson as he made the fateful decisions of 1963-1965. Historians often cite the following as influences on Johnson: the deteriorating situation in South Vietnam, the broader Cold War, advisors, his domestic policy ambitions, and even his personality. Prior to completing this discussion activity, be sure to read Chapter 4 in Herring, the primary sources assigned for this week, and view/listen to the Module 4 Notes Presentation
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. After doing so, consider the following questions as you craft a post of at least 250 words:
How would you rank the five factors in the previous paragraph (from most important to least important) in affecting Johnson’s decision making regarding Vietnam?
Why did you rank each of these factors as you did? Be sure to utilize and cite the course reading as well as any external resources that influenced your decision.
In your estimation, how should these five factors have (or have not) affected Johnson’s decision making?

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