Current Issues Presentation

Create a 15 slide presentation and summarize the key ideas of  Buddhism 
Include the following:

What are common characteristics  Buddhism  shares with Hinduism, Jainism,  Daoism, Confucianism, and Shinto .
How is this religion responding to challenges (e.g., the rise of critical and scientific methodologies) in the modern world?
What has changed about the roles of women in the religion over time?
Discuss eastern religion and contemporary ethics.

Include a title slide and a references slide, and any applicable images.
Use bulleted items on the slides and more extensive materials in the speaker notes.  Using speaker notes is a requirement on a project of this size.  Make sure to have extensive notes so that I can know exactly what you would say if you were giving this in front of the class.
Use your own words.  If you use a source, it must be in quotes and be listed in the bibliography.  Quotes should be less than 20% of the word count.  Use quotes to bolster what you have learned when researching the paper.  I know that your sources likely know their stuff; but I am grading you and want to make sure you know it as well.
Cite at least one reference in addition to Experiencing the World’s Religions.