Current Events in Counter-terrorism in USA

Current Events in Counter-terrorism. The public and especially the media helped create awareness about the plotted attack. Several news channels reported about the planned attack to inform the civilians about the attack. The Die Welt newspaper reported that one of the men arrested had plotted a knife attack on the berlin’s half marathon participants. The police also helped inform the public about the planned terrorist attack.

counter terrorism strategies

Governments have adopted various counter terrorism strategies to prevent future terrorist attacks. Some of the strategies adopted by governments include monitoring potential terrorists, providing at risk people and buildings with additional security, identifying individuals who may be becoming radicalized and increasing vigilance.

Vigilance is one of the counter terrorism efforts that had been effectively used by security forces (National Police Agency, 2016). The Berlin police were able to prevent a plotted attack by employing vigilance. Urging the public to be vigilant is essential in the face of increased terror threats. People should be aware that crowded places are particularly vulnerable for violent attacks.


Further, governments have taken measures to recognize radicalization as an attempt to reduce terrorist activities. Most attackers go through a radicalization process before executing a violent attack. Governments have encouraged the teachers, religious leaders, relatives and youth workers to recognize and report suspicious behaviors to the security forces. The public has also played an important role in this process as they are the ones closest to those at risk of radicalization. The governments have successfully stopped radicalization in time thus preventing violent attacks on innocent people.

The police continued with investigations after the arrests were made. BBC (2018) reports that the Berlin police made searches in several addresses along with two vehicles to assist in the
investigation. Also, some electronics were taken by the police for further examination. The further investigations made by the police will provide more evidence about

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