Current event in Latin-America in Venezuela

Current event in Latin-America in Venezuela. For each Module we will be covering a region of the world and following a current event. Please post your answer to the following questions below to your assignment folder as an attachment in Word ".doc" or rich text format “.rtf.”

Pick a current event from the appropriate Unit’s Region. In other words, it should not be an event that happened in the United States.
Read about that event from three different sources (see below for help finding sources).
One of these sources should come from the region (Europe,Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East).
The other two sources can be from the English speaking standards listed below.
Next, describe the event in a few sentences and tell us why you choose that event to follow.
Answer the following two questions using 3 to 5 sentences.

What differences or similarities are there in the way that the three sources cover the event? Cite examples from your article.
In your opinion, what accounts for the differences in the way these articles cover the event you have selected? Give at least two reasons.
Write your answer to these questions in up to three paragraphs (no less than 250 words). Remember, your answer must meet standards for good college level writing paper including grammar and spelling and citations (APA or MLA format).
A Good Current Event will:
Pick a news event that is relevant to International Relations.
Describe the similarities/differences and give examples of each from the news articles.
The explanation (or analysis) will offer some insight, demonstrate reflection and go beyond simple description.
The news sources are from different authors
The news sources have different audiences
The news sources are from different countries
If you have any questions, please ask.

Current event in Latin-America in Venezuela

This assignment is designed to encourage familiarity with news about international relations and world affairs. There are many sources that you can use for this assignment and you should try to include at least one source from the assignment’s Region.

For example: if the Unit’s CE is on Africa, you should use at least one source from an African country using the world newspapers search engine below.

Learn about Evaluating Sources from the CCCOnline Library.

Sources of news vary in content and quality. A good place to start is the English speaking standards that are published in the U.S and England include but are not limited to:

The Economist
Financial Times
The International New York Times
The British Broadcasting Corporation
BBC Radio
Newspapers from countries around the world:

Visit Gale Global Issues in Context and check out the World News section.
Search Engine for World Newspapers, just click on a country.
If you speak a language other than English, you are welcome to use sources in that language. You may also watch news video online or listen to podcasts in lieu of reading the news. Remember, you must use three different sources for each assignment. Please ask the Instructor for other suggestions of sources or if you have any additional questions.

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