Current Ethical Issues

To create my Ethical Organization Profile I have decided to write about an organization and the ethical and moral issues that this organization is currently facing. Baderman Island is an all-inclusive resort located on the Kelsey River. The island resort has been open to the public since 2004 and continues to grow and gain new vacationers. Baderman Island offers many activities for couples and families or even a group of friends. This resort has four hotels to accommodate its customers and a hand-full of restaurants for the visitors to enjoy.
The island is equipped with many amenities that include shopping, golf, an art gallery, a spa, plenty of scenery and a recreation area. The Baderman Island Resort is managed by the Boardman Management Group (BMG). BMG has many responsibilities that include handling the regulatory, finance, legal and marketing departments as well as IT services. There is a CEO that reports to the Chairman of the Board of Resort Management and works consistently with the Resort Board of Directors. Each of the departments mentioned above have a general manager that has a designated area location.
Each manager is to report to the Vice President and is responsible for his or her own area’s profit and budget. There is also a human resource department that is handled by the Boardman Management Group. The departments run by general managers include Lodging, the Convention Center, Food Services, Merchandising, Recreation and Activities, and Engineering and Transportation. These departments are all profit center with the exception of the Engineering and Transportation department. The goal of this staff is to provide visitors with a relaxing and exciting experience.

After reading the Baderman Island Resort website and reading the blogs on the employee website I have noticed that there are a few ethical and moral issues facing this organization. The major issues that the organization is facing seem to result from the weather and hard rains that the island experiences. In February there was devastating storm that caused severe damage to the resort and many of the buildings on the island. There were a few injuries to visitors that were reported but zero serious injuries. This is an issue because the resort should do everything in its power to prevent any injuries to guests.
Injuries to guests are a law suit waiting to happen and not to mention, ensuring the safety of visitors is ethically a priority and a responsibility of the staff of Baderman Island Resort. Another issue that resulted from the serious storm was the resort having to close the Kelsey River ferry for one day and night. This caused many customers to have to spend another night at the resort even though they had not planned to. These customers were forced to pay for another night stay at the resort and as you can imagine, were not happy about it. These customers should have not had to pay the expense for an additional night stay.
This was an uncontrollable issue due to the storm but the moral thing to do in this situation is to make the extra night stay a free one for these guests. The last issue that has resulted from the rain and bed weather conditions is the paths that exist in the Botanical Gardens. When it has rained the paths are often slippery and dangerous to anyone walking on them. The visitors may or may not receive warning about these treacherous paths. Baderman Resort has tried closing these paths down but found that customers complained that parts of the Botanical Garden were closed.
The bottom line with this issue is that these paths should be closed and the visitors should be warned of the danger of walking on these paths after rainfall. There should be signs all around these paths that warn visitors and workers of the danger that exists on the paths. Baderman Island Resort has a moral obligation to let its customers know of any possible danger that exist on the island. The problem could become worsened if a visitor slips and falls and is injured. This could be devastating to the resort.
All these issues have stemmed from the harsh weather that this island has endured and the consistent rainfall that it receives. Baderman Island Resort has been open to the public for nearly seven years and continues to grow. This resort is well run and has a capable front office and an enthusiastic staff. Like many businesses this resort does have its issues. These issues have been addressed and they are working towards fixing them. References 2011. Baderman Island Resort. Retrieved from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/CIST/VOP/Business/BadermanIsland/BadermanIsland/BIinternet/library/index. html