Culture and Sexual Behaviors

Indeed, an obvious common trait of every being, insects, animals, and peoples, comes from their need for reproduction. On the lesser beings, the need for reproduction is based on the security of their species and on increasing their population for food and territorial accumulation.

People on the other hand, aside for survivability, see reproduction as an opportunity for fulfilling sexual desires. However, sexual activity is enforced not only by instinct but by other factors such as intimacy and social engagement. Also, sexual behavior is where human families are formed and defined[1].

Culture has contributed on the differences of sexual behaviors of humanity. Because of the diversity of native or local beliefs, traditions, practices, and arts among people of different nationality, sexual behaviors differ across nations.
Also, religious affiliation and moral convictions affect these differences. In this essay we will discuss culture and religion and their development by region and give specific examples by country. Also, the essay will seek to describe and define sexual behaviors with regards to psychological studies.
Sexual behavior is a term which describes human activities concerning their interaction with an homosexual or hetersexual partner. Sexual activities primarily start on attraction by an individual and the efforts done in order to attract the other person. It is followed by interactions and conversations which later reveal their compatibility and satisfy their preferences.
Social contact or the actual love-making then occurs. The process may happen in a short period of time in liberal societies, usually in places where people are open minded on the concept of “one night stands.” In conservative areas, however, sexual behavior may follow strictly the tradition of courting which may take a very long time.
One major sexual behavior issue concerns sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s). Transmitted through sexual activities, these diseases requires the attention of health workers and the awareness of the public. Also, another issue is pre-marital sex or literally engaging in sexual activities outside of marriage.
This sexual activity is criticized mainly by religious sectors who value the sanctity of marriage and reproduction, most vocal is the catholic church. Other important issues are rape, child pornography, and unwanted pregnancy.
Culture is considered to be the mental programming of societies which differentiates them from another [2]. Cultures primarily have three elements: systems of meaning, ways of social organization, and unique group features and product[3].
It implies a society’s set of norms, behaviors, practices, beliefs, and moral considerations. On these, it is proper to say that culture defines how and what people conceive and act. These factors are however changed by people due to their exposure to other cultures.
The differences between cultures are caused mainly by the area’s native and historical formation. However, cultures are influenced mainly by religious dominance or teachings accepted in the area. Large portions of a sociey’s norms and values come from religious teachings. Religion affects one’s convictions and moral considerations, which also defines individual actual preferences.
The western culture is considered to be the most dominant due to its rich and early development and the capacity of its people to employ their cultural activities in many places through efficient means. Also, it is enforced by great western thinkers and intellectuals who have contributed in the formation of human activities and knowledge. Included are Aristotle, John Locke, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, and Martin Luther.
Western culture originated in ancient Greece, the founder of freedom and democracy. There the formation of free human thought and will came to the conception of many through the great teachers like Socrates and Plato.
It grew larger together with the expansion of the Roman Empire in Europe leaving large amount of influence to its new found territories. Its development goes with the stages of intellectual formation in the west, including the renaissance, scientific revolution, the period of enlightenment, the American revolution, the industrial revolution, and today’s modern and advanced society[4].
Individualism and the pursuit of knowledge and practical results characterize western culture[5]. These then explains the active, open-minded, and experimenting characteristics of westerners.
The Asian culture is the collective term for the system of thought and action for the continent of Asia. The area however is subdivided into different relative nations or regions based on their geographical and historical relationships. Included in this regions are the central, east, south(Indian subcontinent), north, southwest, and southeast asia.
These subregions usually share a common history and heritage, with beliefs extended by religious dominance. Also, many parts of Asia have been colonized by western countries thus having characteristics of western culture.
Compared to western beliefs, Asians give large amount of importance to hierarchy, politeness, and conservatism. Traditions are followed strictly in many places not yet influenced by the west. Also, the non-material pursuit dominates Asian beliefs due to the extensive influence of Buddhism.
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