Cultural map

For a person who is assigned the task of developing a cultural map of Ecuador to be included in the prospectus to potential clients, there are multiple questions about the country that need to be answered.

What sources about Ecuador should you consult to obtain cultural information about this country that will need to be included in your cultural map?
What other aspects of Ecuadorian culture, other than its predominant religion and language, might affect that country’s culture?

Requirements of the assignment  –

All papers must use a minimum of 3 sources. The textbook is an acceptable source.
All papers must follow all APA requirements. (10% deduction if not)
Two Page Minimum and Maximum.
Title page and reference pages are required.  However, they do not count towards any page count.
Writing should reflect an understanding of the chapter’s basic concepts, thorough research, and logic and critical thinking skills.
The introduction is attention getting with sufficient background information to establish the topic and a clear thesis statement.
The conclusion summarizes the main points and leaves the reader with a strong comprehension of the paper’s significance and the author’s understanding.
Grammatically correct – No spelling, grammar, or mechanics errors.

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