cultural and legal differences in global business

cultural and legal differences in global business environment

Elements of culture include language, social values, ideas of status, decision-making habits, attitudes toward time, use of space, body language, manners, religions, and ethical standards. Awareness of and respect for cultural differences is essential to avoiding communication breakdowns and fostering positive working relationships. Understanding differences in legal systems and specific laws and regulations in other countries is another vital aspect of successful international business. One of the most confusing and frustrating aspects of international trade law is the issue of bribery.

(1) What steps could you take to help someone from another country adapt to U.S. business culture? (2) How can you convey respect for another person’s culture even if you don’t agree with it or even understand it?

(1) Have you ever experienced a communication breakdown with someone from another country? (2) If so, how did you resolve it, and how could you apply this experience to your business career?

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