Cultural and Ethnic Studies questions

Cultural and Ethnic Studies questions. Explain, as you understand it, why some people speak of the subversive power of maps in our global technological age. Give one specific example of new perspectives in cartography. (Length 2-3 steller sentences.) (B5)

2. The terms’ colonialism or imperialism, referring to a past history that is no longer formally in existence, are nonetheless often used in today’s global political and economic discourse.

Cultural and Ethnic Studies questions

Differentiate clearly, from a chronological perspective, the term colonialism and the term neo-colonialism. Propose a keyword to understand each. (c2)

3. What could be an example of what some people call “US cultural imperialism”? (your answer can be as short as a brand name, or cultural production, or anything that you may have seen abroad)

4, Since 1945, we have lived in what John Lewis Gaddis dubbed the “Long Peace.”

“When Roosevelt was beginning to design his system, he was the dissenter. The dominant foreign policy ideas in America at the time were represented by a movement called “America First.”

Can you very simply and briefly, at the “For Dummies” level, describe the basic elements of the “Long Peace” framework, in which you, your parents, and your grandparents have experienced America’s place and role in the world (whatever your or their nationality)? (c4)

5. If the current US president’s very different America First world view prevails and becomes institutionalized, the your children will have a very different understanding of what America’s role and image is in the world. What might they no longer take for granted or recognize, in comparison to your current world view? (Length: 2-3 steller sentences)

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