Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

Following the UAV overflight, reconnaissance aircraft captured some low-level reconnaissance photos of the coast. We are looking for evidence that the soviets installed MRBMs (medium-range ballistic missiles) with nuclear capability on the island. Please review the photos and provide an analysis and any evidence of the Cuban Missile Crisis. We will need you to use “crateology” (measurements and comparison of crates) to make a determination as to what is being shipped into the port. We have provided you with a key to help you analyze the photographs.

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Both photos are of two different ships inbound to the port. Based on initial analysis, it seems that some large crates are aboard. The size and shape indicate that they could contain either the MRBM SS4, Komar-Class guided-missile patrol boats (or missile launchers), nuclear warhead vans, or Ilyushin IL-28 (NATO Code Name: BEAGLE) Bomber fuselages.

what was the Cuban missile crisis?

We have provided roughly scaled photos of these items for you to issue your best estimate (according to size and shape) of what is contained in these crates.