Cryptography Assignemnt

For this assignment, you will solve the problem presented using Figure 7.17 located in our text and write a 2-3 page report that includes the following:

2-3 pages of content minimum (does not include cover, abstract or references pages)
The paper must conform to full APA guidelines to include a cover page, abstract, headers, introduction, body paragraphs with appropriate headings/subheadings, conclusion, and a reference page.
All sources must be cited and referenced. Remember, unless the statement is common knowledge, you must cite and reference your sources.
You must use at least one peer-reviewed source

Problem:  You want to build a hardware device to do block encryption in the cipher block chaining (CBC) mode using an algorithm stronger than DES. 3DES is a good candidate. Figure 7.17 shows two possibilities, both of which follow from the definition of CBC. Which of the two would you choose and why:

For security?
For performance?

You must fully explain and support your justification and reasoning.
Follow all academic integrity policies.  Please read them again if you are unfamiliar.  I will be using SafeAssign.  You may also submit your work to SafeAssign up to 3 times to check your own work for similarity. I will grade the last submission.

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