Critique paper in Nursing Research

Critique paper in Nursing Research. Submit your critique paper (as a WORD document) based on the guidelines (critique questions)


1)         a.What is the clinical (research) problem?

            b. What is the purpose of the study?  Is it clearly stated? 

            c. Is the literature review (or background) comprehensive and include recent research?                             Does it support the need for the study? 

            d. What are the study hypotheses?

            e. Is the study relevant to the practice of nursing? Why or Why not?

METHOD (20 points)

2)         a. What is the study design? (be as specific as possible; e.g. just ‘experimental’ is not                            specific: example: “experimental, randomized control trial” is specific). 

            b. What are the independent and dependent variables?

3)         a. Describe the study population

            b. What type of sampling was done? Was the sample representative of the population? What was                       the sample size and was it adequate? Explain.

4)         a. How were the data collected?

            b. What measurement tools/instruments were utilized? Were they appropriate? Were                                 reliability and validity of the instruments reported?

            c. What statistical tests were used to analyze the data?

Critique paper in Nursing Research

RESULTS (15 points)

5)         a. What were the study results? Are the results presented clearly in the text, tables and figures?

            b. Are the statistics clearly explained? Was information about statistical significance presented? 


6)         If applicable were the authors’ hypotheses supported?  What were the authors’ conclusions about                        their findings?

7)         Were study limitations reported and their implications discussed? If so, what were they?

8)          Are there recommendations for nursing practice, future research, and policymakers? Describe.

9)         Are the findings generalizable? Explain.  Do the authors’ address this?


  1. Was the evidence applicable to your current (or previous) clinical setting?
  2. Did the author’s discussion of research findings support or contradict what is seen in the clinical setting?                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Could you implement this new evidence in the clinical setting? Yes or No—please explain.
  4. What resources would you need to successfully accomplish these changes within your clinical setting?
  5. What members of the health care delivery team could assist you in implementing these evidence-based changes.

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