Critique of peer-reviewed article (long) 1,500 words Eastern Europe Theme

The main purpose of this review is to critique a work, so fully half of the review should focus on your assessment, with the other half discussing the content and context of the work. PLEASE NO SUMMARY! This is an ANALYTICAL paper, not a book report. We want to read what you think about the article you are reviewing. As for the style of your review, conform to the style as the journal in which the article appeared. It is attached as a PDF

Below is the structure of the paper:
-Good grammar, proper use
of citations, neatness and 
spelling are also required. 

-The subject matter of the reviewed article including its stated 
purpose/thesis, issues & assumptions, its logic, evidence, analysis and 
conclusions; in other words, what the author is

basic information on the author, the publication and the intended 

the format, style and readability of the
We will look for information on the context as follows:

discuss the professional and/or real
-world backdrop to the material 

its relevance to and significance for the issues it addresses and

its political point of view, if any is apparent, and analytical approach. Finally, and importantly, we want to read your assessment (fully half of the review!)

your commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and 

your thoughts on the extent to which the work met its stated objectives and any 
omissions that undermined it 

your recommendation and qualifications; specifically, should the reader of
your review get the work and read it, and why?

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