Critique a Research Article

 The assignment must be a minimum of five pages, excluding title page and references.  
Title page -Give the name of the article, the author’s name(s)  Following APA. 
· Provide an overview of the author’s research problem, research questions and main point including how the author supports his or her point. 
· Explain the author’s initial objectives (hypothesis) and results including the process he or she used to arrive at such a conclusion. 
Evaluate the Research Methods: in paragraph form answer the following:
· Does the author provide a literature review? 
· Is the research current and relevant to today’s existing health issues?
· Describe the research type utilized?– experimental, non-experimental, quasi-experimental, etc. 
· Evaluate the sample (size, composition, or in the way the sample was selected in relation to the purpose of the study? Was the sample appropriate for the research or was it bias? 
·  How practical does this work seem to you? How does the author suggest research results could be applied and how do you believe they could be applied? 
·  Could the study have been improved in your opinion? If so provide how you think it could have improved. 
·  Is the writing in the article clear straightforward?
·  Can further research be conducted on this subject? Explain
Conclusion: In your conclusion, try to synthesize the pieces of your critique to emphasize your own main points about the author’s work, relating the researcher’s work to your own knowledge or to topics being discussed in your course.

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