critical thinking

Assignment Workload: 
· This Assignment consists of Critical thinking.
· Assignment is to be submit by each student individually.
Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes: 
After completion of Assignment-2 students will able to understand the 
Demonstrate a deep understanding of project management concepts and theories as well as approaches to project management. (LO-1.1)
Demonstrate an understanding of the project planning process. (LO-1.6)
Demonstrate ability to monitor and control the project. (LO. 2.9)
Assignment Regulation: 
· All students are encouraged to use their own words. 
· Student must apply “Times New Roman Font” with double space within their reports. 
· The attached cover-page has to be used, duly filled. Submissions without the cover page will NOT be accepted
· A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it.
· If the assignment shows more than 25% plagiarism, the students would be graded zero.

Critical thinking:
To prepare for this assignment, review Ch-6 “Management of your time and stress” from your textbook, understand the concepts of time management and time robbers and answer the questions given below with examples. Any excess material can be added to bibliography. Use APA style and review three or more peer-reviewed journals to support your answer.
1. Why project managers manipulate their time to get work done. Discuss with any examples you might have come across.
2. What is effective time management? How project managers convert time from a constraint to a resource. Give reasons. 
3. Discuss on any two-time robbers in project management with examples.


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