Critical Essay About: Authentic Leadership

  Critical Thinking:  
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The topic as below:

Authentic leadership focuses on leadership that is genuine and real.  Whether something is genuine and real may likely be in the mind of the  individual evaluating it or experiencing it.
-Examine the usefulness of authentic leadership in organizations by  identifying research that supports or refutes authentic leadership as a  determinant of organizational or individual success.

-In order to make the implicit explicit, identify elements of  authentic leadership. Describe the behavioral elements that one might  objectively see in an authentic leader.

-Include the role of emotional intelligence in authentic leadership.

-Identify a nationally or internationally recognizable, currently  living business figure who might be described as an authentic leader and  justify your selection of that individual.

-Next, critically evaluate your authentic leadership skills in  relation to the behavioral elements and emotional intelligence you  identified as important. Identify any areas for personal growth as a  result of this examination.


– Adiguzel, Z., & Kuloglu, E. (2019). Examination of the effects of emotional intelligence and authentic leadership on the employees in the organizations. International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 8(1), 13-30.

– Kinninmont, J.  (2017). Vision  2030 and Saudi Arabia’s social contract: Austerity and transformation.  Retrieved from

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