Criminalization of Healthcare Errors

Criminalization of Healthcare Errors and a Just Culture. Health-care professionals who make serious errors may be subject to criminal prosecution for criminal negligence. In recent years, many states have expanded the concept of criminal negligence to the extent that health-care providers may have difficulty fully understanding what conduct could subject them to criminal prosecution.

Adverse drug effects

The frequency of adverse drug effects appears superficially to be higher in intensive care units and emergency departments but once rates have been corrected for volume of patients, comorbidity of conditions and number of drugs prescribed, the difference is not significant.

It is widely accepted that medication error is the most common and preventable cause of patient injury. This includes the giving of the wrong drug or dose, by the wrong route of administration, to the wrong patient or at a wrong time. There is evidence that in acute hospitals the incidence of ADEs is 6.5/100 admissions and that 1% of these are fatal, 12% are life-threatening and 28% are preventable. Furthermore, it is estimated that there are 5.3 medication errors/100 prescriptions. These include missing dose (53%), dose errors (15%), frequency errors (8%) and route errors (5%), but only 1% of them were associated with ADEs.

Criminalization of Healthcare Errors: Medical Errors

Medical errors happen even with how much diligent healthcare providers are with their work in their scope of practice. I consider negligence, as the conscious omission on the part of any healthcare practitioner to provide appropriate or standard care to a patient or patients. A preventable injury is also considered negligence such a case of a patient that developed a pressure injury while being admitted in a hospital or any nursing facility. However, both errors and negligence can result to harm or even death.

After completing all required course readings, reflect on the topic of criminalization of healthcare negligence. On the discussion board, share your thoughts on the criminalization of healthcare negligence and reconciling this issue with the philosophy

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