criminal justice system works through experiential learning

criminal justice system works through experiential learning and research.

This project is an opportunity for you to acquire an understanding of how one part of the criminal justice system works through experiential learning and research. Specifically, you will choose a part of the system in which you are interested and immerse yourself in this sub-area. The mechanisms through which you do this are flexible.

Criminal Justice system

Suggestions include interviewing one or more professionals in the field, conducting secondary research on data, interviewing agents and/or organizations, visiting an institution in the area, or observing an aspect of the system (e.g., watching a trial, visiting a prison museum, attending a program meeting related to court system, listening to oral arguments at the appellate or supreme courts), or riding-along with a police officer. Therefore, document your experience in writing and use any other relevant media (e.g., photographs, photo-journaling, diagrams, figures, charts).


Regardless of which type of project you select, a written literature review (with a minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles) related to the topic must be included. The final projects will range from 8 to 10 pages, not
including a title, page, references, or appendices. You may talk to a police officer, for example, about community policing. In this example, you would look for literature on community policing. Any research you conduct should
be documented with APA citations and a reference page. Conducting research for the applied project is required, as the point of this exercise is for you to experience part of the court analysis system and explore how it relates to the current literature.

Thus, you may structure your project in the way that makes the most sense and be creative. Figures, charts, or pictures may be integrated in the text or added as appendices. This should be a finished work product that you can be proud of and use as a writing example in the future. One approach may use the following outline:
Introduction of the topic

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