Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice. Describes the research design or approach in depth. This should be a detailed and clearly written description that permits a precise replication of the study. Several parts of this chapter apply mainly to a quantitative thesis, but may be appropriate to a non-quantitative thesis as well.

1) Design of the Investigation. Explain how the study is designed to investigate each question or hypothesis. If appropriate, identify all variables and how they are manipulated.

2) Population and/or Sample. Describe the principal characteristics of the population selected. If a random sample is used, describe the general population from which the sample was selected and the sampling procedure used.

3) Treatment. Describe the exact sequence followed to collect and tabulate the data. Describe the instrument(s) used to collect the data and establish the validity of the instrument(s) via studies by other researchers.

Summary, Conclusions

This concluding section should summarize the entire research effort. A sufficiently comprehensive overview should enable the intended audience to understand the entire study. At this point it is appropriate to reacquaint the reader with the conceptual framework, the design of the investigation, the methodology, and the results of the study.
This section should include the significance of the study and its conclusions, the
limitations and weaknesses of the study, implications for future research, and

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