Creativity art

The Creativity Spirit During my entire life I encountered a creativity killer. The type of the killer that Eve encountered are surveillance, evaluation, rewards, competition, and pressure. The reason why I encountered the type of killer of surveillance was because during in every classroom I had through my life from K-8, the teacher will always watch my classroom work not letting me to take the risk of being creative in learning.
Another type of killer Eve got through my life was evaluation because through-out my life Eve always had other people Judging on what I was doing, they wouldn’t satisfy themselves of me being myself. The other killer that Eve encountered in my life is rewards because every time in my life when I tried to achieve a goal that I set my self I would always rewards myself with success. Competition Killer Eve also encountered through-out my life because since I have played soccer my entire life Eve always faced competition.
Finally the last type of killer that I faced in my life Is pressure cause since I’m the oldest out of my brother and sister. I’m trying to set an example for them so I feel like I have a lot of pressure because I feel like I need to establish grandiose expectation for them. I feel that Creativity Killers do impact learning and creating in college student because I feel that they need to be free to learn and be creative to learn. Also adults enter ultimate state of creativity called flow in which whole absorption can provoke peak desire and creativity. I feel that It’s a mixed Impact of positive and negative .

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