Creative Writing

To one of in particular they were more important, he clung to them like they were his own personal treasures we never understood why until he no longer came to see us on the summers. Looking up to the sky filled with the three moons shining down on the water’s edge with their dazzling rays of white, blue and green mixing into one of the water’s surface. I looked beside me at my companions, my friends and our own family. They all stared up with the same expression as me, amazement. Pure and simple. It was unheard of, we never understood why or what was happening.
Little did we know this night would change us for ever. There are five of us in total, me, my little sister Cherish, Julian, Ales and Sib. I’m the second older out of all of us, Sib being the first oldest at 13 years old, IM only a month younger than him myself. My name is Rain, with my long black hair and mature looking face, you’d think I was older however my immaturity gave me away often. Cherish is a year younger than but a lot smarter and kind, always helping those in need, you’d think she was my big sister not the other way around.
Her long red curly hair she is by far the prettiest out of the two of us and also the favorite In the family. I don’t let that bother me though because even though they look on their veils and she never let It Influence her opinion of me. For this she Is my best friend and my sister. Julian is on my right. He is the same age as Cherish just a week older than her in fact. He is our best friend from our home village, Haven. With his wits, careless semi, blond hair and glasses, he could be considered a “hot nerd” in Cherries words.

She’s ad a big crush on him forever and I myself don’t see the appeal, he’s Just Julian to me. Sadly, he never seems to notices her feelings even though he cares but never admits, I’m not going to tell them though. Next to Julian is Ales, we haven’t known him very long only about two-three week at that time. He was moody and alone so Cherish suggested we ask him to Join us, even though I was against It they went ahead anyway. No matter how much I didn’t Like him he still stayed with the group.
I eventually grew accustomed to his moodiness but still he aggravated me for some no understandable reason. Sib Is sat down In front of the water’s edge actually totally casual about the whole situation. Sib is short for Sebastian but since I couldn’t pronounce it he let me call in his own world and went at his own pace or so it seemed. We didn’t know what happened until a couple months after the last summer. We never saw him again in person, but we all kept in touch through letters. Sib was to be the next lord of Brooklets, after that summer camp on his 13th he wasn’t allowed to attend again.
His father had decided to bring his training forward as he had grown ill. He wrote to us every chance he got though. Times have changed. I’m now 18 years old and I’m the only one standing here besides the water’s edge, everyone has their own place where they belong. I know where I belong and it’s right here, though I have to leave for a while. There is something important that I have to do, not Just for me, for all of us. We only hear from hear from Ales every couple of months which saddens me, he hardly talks about his life or what he’s doing.
Here I am alone, reading everyone’s letters for the last time, the sun hitting the jack of my neck with full force, that I have to cover myself with my Jacket, I curl up and let the breeze whoosh around me calmly, bringing my knees up to my chin. I sigh and stand, looking around me one last time, the trees are dancing and the whole place is alive with music all Joyous. I will with all my might that this one place remains untouched from the horrors that are about to arise all around. I turn my back, and walk to my car, looking back over my shoulder once last time, thinking to myself. Where did it all go wrong and why are we in the middle of it?