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 Create a cover letter and resume for the below job description. 
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JOB DESCRIPTION: ** For use by Emory Temporary Services only ** Recruits, screens, interviews and refers the most qualified applicants to fill non-faculty job vacancies. Provides instruction to and assists hiring officials and applicants throughout the employment process. Collaborates with hiring official to define recruitment criteria. Composes employment advertisements and contacts appropriate advertising sources. Advises and provides informal counseling to applicants, including employees, regarding the employment process. Determines which applicants are most qualified for specific positions and refers applicants for interviews. Ensures the applicant referral pool has a cross section of diverse candidates; adheres to established equal opportunity and affirmative action goals. Gathers job related information from applicants and conducts interviews. Verifies applicant information by checking references and verifying degrees. Determines appropriate starting salaries for final job candidates. Improves organizational recruiting efforts by developing long range recruiting strategies, attending recruiting events, developing recruiting materials, and maintaining recruitment contacts to increase the pool of qualified applicants for specific positions. Maintains required records and documentation to ensure compliance with organizational policies and procedures and applicable regulations. Performs related responsibilities as required.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, or a related field. Two years of employment experience or experience relevant to the departments the position supports.
Use the below link to get some pointers to create a cover letter and to add to the attached resume.

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