Course reflection Research Paper for Information Governance.

Discuss what you have learned in this course about Information Governance, and how you will apply it to your current job or future job. 
Please provide three examples on how you will apply what you have learned in this course to your current role or a future role.

Your paper should be in 12 point Times New Roman Font.
Ensure that your paper is structured grammatically correct with proper punctuation and sentence structure.

Include at least 4 scholarly references (no blogs or websites!)
Please cite your references in APA format.
For each reference that you use please include an in-text citation. Your reference page does not count toward your 3-page paper requirement.  
This does not include your title page or reference page.

Important: The textbook for this course used is ” Information Governance- Concepts, Staregies and Best Practices” by Robert .F Small Wood.

Use this referenced textbook ( till chapter 14)and write a three pages with three different examples in real time with 4 scholarly references

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