Course Design – Online teaching and Learning

Course Design – Online teaching and Learning. You will be working on your final syllabus and course module.  You will make the general syllabus for an entire course, but your final project will drill down to only one module and how you would do it, using concepts tools etc. that you found in this class or outside.  Be sure you present an ONLINE course module.

Please build an online course module that would be contextually appropriate in your work, or that focuses on a hobby or passion. It will not be an entire course; it will just be one section.

The course units will be shared online and posted by the due date Thursday, December 9th,  and comments on peers’ work made by Thursday, December 17th at 6 p.m. (no exceptions!)  You will not actually build a unit on a platform; you will make a Presentation explaining what you would do, how you would do it, and why.

You will build a syllabus for the whole class!  Just one page.  Show us all modules a participant would be taking in the syllabus.

Then go into detail for one module.  What would you do?  What would your topic be, how would you present it, what tools would you use, and what would the experience be like?

Develop a presentation that will be used to inform us of challenges and objectives, why content and instructional methodologies were chosen, and what learning outcomes will be.

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