country’s profile using the Hofstede framework

country’s profile using the Hofstede framework. Country Analysis: You are the vice-president for human resources for the XYZ company located in the United States. You have just attended a meeting where the CEO has asked all functional-area vice presidents to prepare a report about the location advantages and disadvantages of Automotive Engineering in GERMANY. You will need to present your findings to XYZ’s senior management team and submit a report describing the pros and cons of this location from an HR perspective. Ultimately, you need to make a recommendation on whether the location is favorable for setting up operations or not. 


Your company is interested in opening regional headquarters (HQ) in a particular city in this country. This regional HQ will need to contain the regional management/administrative functions, regional sales and marketing, and other staff functions. There will be many expatriates from HQ, some third country nationals, and local nationals working in the same location. You need to fill in some details (type of business, size, strategy) about your hypothetical organization to make the report more interesting and more relevant.

In the report, you will need to analyze the local cultural and institutional context as it applies to HR practices and the functioning of the location.

Project Description

1. Broad context and culture. Be sure to provide examples of how dominant cultural values affect managing people and the practice of HRM:
a. Short country snapshot: population, GDP per capita, economic stability in the past 3 years (economic growth, inflation, etc.), political stability, infrastructure, etc.
b. Dominant cultural values and their effect on typical HR management practices in the country:

Hofstede framework

• The country’s profile using the Hofstede framework: Individualism/collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity / femininity etc.
• Dominant communication styles using Hall’s classification: high context or low context communication styles
• Value of time and time consciousness
• For each of the items in part 1(b), provide examples of how they are embedded in HR management practices.
c. Religion/tradition and its impact on work practices (if applicable; this varies by country)

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