Corrections Project

Project 1: Research an Issue in U.S. Corrections (20 Points)

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.

Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations.  

Project Objectives

To research REENTRY  in the field of correctional management

Prisoner reentry is the process by which prisoners who have been released return to the community.

To critically analyze journal articles that reflects current or recent perspectives on REENTRY.



Find two (2) journal articles relating to the reentry  issue in correctional management in the United States.
Critique the quality of each article.
Based upon the methodology of the study conducted, do you think the results are reliable and valid?
Summarize the main points of both articles and then compare those main points.  Do the articles reach the same conclusion?
Analyze the articles and determine whether you believe that the conclusion(s) of the articles agree with your perception of the correctional management issue.  Explain the basis for you conclusion.

Format Requirements:
Paper should be four pages in APA format.
Narrative pages; Double space, 12 pt. font, 
1″ margins
Use APA format guidelines for all in-text and reference page citations
Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in page count)
NOTE: All source materials cited on the reference page must have a corresponding in-text citation in the narrative of the paper.

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