Contradiction 5 to 10 sentences

The article I have read deals with Austin’s city council voting to defund their police department by moving funds to other places rather than training and adding men and women to their police department. I have never been to Austin and have wanted to go until they did this. Safety should be #1 for anyone. Whether it is the city you live in or cities you visit no one should have to worry about becoming a victim because the city buckled to pressure to take much needed funds from their police department rather than add more officers to the streets. There are bad cops as there is bad fireman, bad accountants, bad lawyers, teachers, etc, etc. Those individuals must be dealt with individually such as those that are rioting and destroying property. Cities across America continue to grow. With that said, basic city services should grow to keep up with the growth. Some of those includes police protection, fire protection, and trash pickup.
Politics aside, whether you are democrat or republican, everyone should want to first live in a city that is safe and in the case of Houston somewhere that does not flood with low taxes and good school districts. Family is the most important things in the world to me and so is their safety. I completely disagree with this vote and am surprised that the city of Houston has not done the same.

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