Contemporary public health nurses work priorities

Contemporary public health nurses work priorities. Dramatic increase in life expectancy since 1900s –Improved sanitation and control of infectious diseases ■Population-based prevention programs ■Potential to prevent 70% of early deaths in United States ■The dramatic increase in life expectancy for Americans during the 1900s, from less than 50 years in 1900 to 77.9 years in 2007, is credited primarily to improvements in sanitation, the control of infectious diseases through immunizations, and other public health activities (NCHS, 2010). ■ ■The U.S. Public Health Service estimates that medical treatment can prevent only about 10% of all early deaths in the United States. However, population-focused public health approaches have the potential to help prevent approximately 70% of early deaths in the United States through measures targeted to the factors that contribute to those deaths. ■Enormous impact despite limited funding

Contemporary public health nurses work priorities

■The Core Functions Project (U.S. Public Health Service, 1994/2008) developed a useful illustration, the Health Services Pyramid (Figure 1-2), which shows that population-based public health programs support the goals of providing a foundation for clinical preventive services.■■These services focus on disease prevention; health promotion and protection; and primary, secondary, and tertiary health care services.■■All levels of services shown in the pyramid are important to the health of the population and thus must be part of a health care system with health as a goal.■■It has been said that “the greater the effectiveness of services in the lower tiers, the greater is the capability of higher tiers to contribute efficiently to health improvement” (U.S. Public Health Service, 1994/2008).■■Because of the importance of the basic public health programs, members of the Core Functions Project argued that all levels of health care, including population-based public health care, must be funded or the goal of health of populations may never be reached.

Question 1. The emphasis on public health in nursing has been varied and has changed over time. Given this week’s review of the important issues that nursing can address, what priorities would you set for the work of contemporary public health nurses? List a minimum of 5 and provide rationale/ support for your choices.

Question 2
Start your paragraph with the following statement listed below. Select the choice “is” or “is not” and provide thoughtful rationale for your decision:

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