Contemporary Fast Talking Dame

Contemporary Fast Talking Dame.

In the article “Whatever Happened to Fast Talking Dames?” DiBattista states:

“Current movies are full of bumbling, inarticulate, cutesy comic heroines who, even if they are given the role of a professional, are never believable for an instant…Truly competent career women tend to be depicted as humorless and inflexible or wracked with insecurity.”

Read the article and write a 1page essay(12 pt. font; 1.5 spacing) that answers DiBattista’s question:

What happened to the fast-talking dames? Write an essay that argues contemporary fast-talking dames due appear in contemporary film. To complete the essay, do the following:

(1) Identify a current fast-talking dame,

(2) the film she appears in (title and year),

(3) explain how she exemplifies some of the characteristics of the FTD (according to Di Battista), and

(4) Provide specific scene examples and quotes from DiBattista to support your answer.

Things to consider:

1) How does your essay interpret the fast-talking dame in contemporary terms?

2) How does your essay address ways the fast-talking dame characteristics and genre changes according to the time period? For example,

a. being in control of sexuality will look differently for a contemporary dame compared to the 1940s dame.

b. The dames used language to push back against the status quo/expected gender norms. What does that look like in a contemporary setting?

Contemporary Fast Talking Dame


40 (A+)= Synthesis and Analysis; shows innovation and thoughtfulness and independent thinking by developing ideas beyond lecture/class discussion
36-39 (A)= Understanding; shows mastery of the material presented in class- can apply basic concepts and restate course concepts in OWN WORDS.
32-37(B)= Memorization- shows the ability to correctly REPEAT material as presented in lectures, discussions, etc.
28-31(C) = Awareness- shows some familiarity with course material but can’t accurately or completely repeat material from class.
24-27(D) =Effort- attempted work but doesn’t demonstrate a basic awareness of course material.
23 and below=Lack of Effort- doesn’t follow directions(for example, part of the question is not addressed-examples are not described, concepts aren’t defined).
0= Most of the question is not addressed.
0= Not attempted; plagiarized or off-topic.

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