Conjunction Worksheet

Name ______________________________ Period ______ Date _____________ Conjunctions Practice Worksheet A. Match the sentence halves to make a complete sentence. Draw lines between the two. |Both Peter |but we have enough money. | |Not only do we want to go |neither true nor realistic. | |Either Jack will have to work more hours |and I are coming next week. | |That story was |either his career or his hobby. |Students who do well not only study hard |but also use their instincts if they do not know the answer. | |In the end he had to choose |or we will have to hire somebody new. | B. Combine the following sentences into one sentence using paired conjunctions (conjunctions that go together). Choose from the following options: both … and; not only … but also; either … or; neither … nor 1. We could fly. We could go by train. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2.
She will have to study hard. She will have to concentrate to do well on the exam. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Jack is not here. Tom is in another city. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The speaker will not confirm the story. The speaker will not deny the story. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Pneumonia is a dangerous disease. Small pox is a dangerous illness. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Fred loves traveling. Jane wants to go around the world. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 7. It might rain tomorrow. It might snow tomorrow. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Playing tennis is good for your heart. Jogging is good for your health. ______________________________________________________________________________________ C.
Below you will find clauses that need a conjunction to create a compound sentence. Choose the conjunction that makes the most sense in the sentence. 1. You can come to the meeting ____ you can hear all the information. a. So b. Because c. While d. Until e. Nevertheless 2. I’m not leaving _____ I get an apology from you. a. So b. Because c. While d. Until e. Nevertheless 3. I came here _____ you could give me an explanation. a. So b. Because c. While d. Until e. Nevertheless 4. Bob is very tall _____ Bill is very short. a. So b. Because c. While . Until e. Nevertheless 5. You look frightened _____ there is nothing to be scared of. a. So b. Because c. While d. Until e. But 6. I refuse to pay anything _____ you do the work properly. a. So b. Because c. While d. Until e. But 7. I’m going shopping for food this evening _____ I am having guests for dinner. a. But b. While c. Until d. Because e. So 8. You seem happy _____ you are smiling all the time. a. But b. While c. So d. Because e. Nevertheless 9. I don’t mind if you go out for lunch _____ we will take a break at noon. a. So b. Because

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