comprehensive treatment plan for a complex clinical situation

What are the problems to be addressed?  Develop a complete problem list.  A problem list is a generic list of problems to be addressed.  Think of it as part of your discussion with client about concerns that need to be addressed in treatment.  It is a list of unwanted “troubles’ that will be a focus of treatment.  These might be symptom clusters or situations or conditions that will be a focus of attention.  It is holistic and most often uses non-technical terms.  Some students will be “lumpers” and include more than one symptom or behavior in a single overarching category; others will be “splitters” and will individually list symptoms and behaviors that might otherwise be subsumed in a single larger category.  Your instructor is a ‘lumper”, but he accepts/respects “splitters”.

b.         Report your specific and complete diagnosis (DSM-5)  Hint: Diagnosis should be comprehensive (don’t forget specifiers, if applicable) and may include Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention.  While you will correlate information in the vignette with DSM-5 clinical criteria in order to confirm your diagnosis/es, you do not need to report that activityin this homework submission.  A comprehensive list is sufficient. 

2.         What is your treatment plan? Name the modality and its rationale and objectives. Details, such as length of visit, frequency of visits, duration of treatment, names of providers, dose of medication, are not required. 

a.         Psychotherapeutic intervention

b.         Pharmacologic intervention

c.         Family intervention, if any

3.         Discuss your specific medication recommendation (i.e. 2b) in terms of its effectiveness, safety, tolerability, and practicality.

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